Episode #001 Old Ackley Farm

September 9, 2013
Brett Sykes
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In Episode 1 we visit Old Ackley Farm on the Bluehill Peninsula. Old Ackley Farm is a family run operation by Colleen Prentiss, Bob Sullivan and their young child Charlie. They raise MOFGA certified organic pasture-based meats and veggies. They farm with the mantra of putting more back into the environment and community than they take out. However, running a large livestock operation comes with its problems in Maine where there is value added in organic certification. Not only is finding land hard along the coast, but finding land that has a paper trail to meet the criteria for organic certification is near impossible.

Farm owner and operator Colleen Prentiss tells us about the real world challenges of obtaining organically certified land to raise her cows on pasture, and what she is trying to do to ensure that Maine has the capability of feeding itself healthy, local food. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in the links above! 


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