Episode #003 Two Coves Farm

September 23, 2013
Brett Sykes
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In Episode 3 we visit Two Coves Farm in Harpswell. Farmers Joe and Laura Grady offer children in the surrounding community a totally unique experience in the summer months: a full time farm and art camp. Their goal is to expose young people to the beauty of the natural world while they learn about the basic rhythms of a small farm. They collaborate with a local artist Rob Logan who runs an art barn. Kids spend half their day working on the farm and then their afternoons are spent with Rob doing art. Rob’s philosophy is based around mindful practices, and the kids conduct games and rituals every day to help them be more creative. In 2014 they will be offering a new camp for teens that explores their relationship to the farm, water, and earth through writing in a new partnership with The Telling Room out of Portland. 

The farm and art camps are not just a way to give back to the community, but also a way to pass on Joe and Laura’s values about preserving the soils, grasses and animals on their farm. Through creativity and motions, the children learn how to be expressive and passionate about their local farm. It was evident from talking to the kids throughout the recording of this podcast that they were more knowledgeable about where there food came from then most of the adults I get to speak with.

In this episode we get to hear from the kids in the Art Barn about how they feel about the relationship between farming and art, and what it means to them to take part in this experience. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in the links above! 


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