Episode #004 Mitchell Ledge Farm

September 30, 2013
Brett Sykes
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In Episode 4 we visit with Andy LeMaistre at Mitchell Ledge Farm in Freeport, where he and his family have raised Pure Scottish Breed Belted Galloway Cattle since 1976. Mitchell Ledge Farm is a mere two miles from the hustle and bustle of the shopping mecca that is Freeport Village, most notable for being home to the L.L. Bean flagship store. Yet, as you drive away from the panicked and somewhat sweaty shoppers and turn onto Flying Point Road it is like taking a step back in time. Meadows begin to open up, the roads become a little bumpy, and the sweet smells of grass and farmland begin to entice the senses. 

Mitchell Ledge Farm sits in the valley below the actual Mitchell Ledge (elev 200 ft) down a long dirt and gravel driveway, making the prominent white farmhouse stand out in a dramatic fashion. As you pull in I hope you have the same experience I did of having ten bemused Belted Galloways all turn their heads at the same time, give a couple of emphatic “moos”,  and then start following you up the driveway in their lea. Looking in your rear view mirror to find you are being followed by a gang of excited oreo cows is something I won’t soon forget.

In this episode you get to hear all about the lighter side of herding cattle. From waking sleeping cows up on a hot summer day (much in the same way you may try to wake a slumbering teenager before 11am) all the way to the exact day that their hair will begin to change for the season, Andy knows it all. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe in the links above!


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