Episode #005 Winterberry Farm Pt. 1

December 2, 2013
Brett Sykes
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Episode 5 is the first half of a 2 part series where we visit Winterberry Farm in Belgrade Lakes. “Simplify simplify” says Thoreau. Many people have this philosophy in mind when they consider leaving their busy lives behind for a quieter life in rural Maine. When Mary Perry, the owner and operator of Winterberry came up North from Connecticut, she was no different. She wanted a good, healthy life for her family. Now with 3 kids things have started becoming a bit harder.  As the kids get older and find new interests it becomes a more complex challenge for Mary to keep the farm going and also fulfill the growing needs of her children.

 In part one of this series we learn about the influence that children have on a farm’s decision making, and how Mary is coping with the craziness of raising 3 very different kids on the farm, while keeping the business going. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe on the links above!


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