Episode #006 Winterberry Farm Pt. 2

December 9, 2013
Brett Sykes
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Episode 6 is the second half of our two part feature on Mary Perry and her kids at Winterberry Farm in Belgrade. Part one focused on how Mary has to find the compromise between family life and farming life as her 3 children get older, to not just keep the farm going, but also to fulfill the growing needs of her family.
In the second half of this series we are going to examine the farm’s role in the Belgrade community and how the farm ultimately came to become protected.

7 years ago Mary moved here with two children and her husband. Over time her relationship with her partner began to fall apart and it became apparent that there were going to have to be some drastic changes in her life to keep the farm. Through the support of her community, the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, and the Maine Farmland Trust she was able to not only protect Winterberry Farm with a Conservation Easement, but also to buy the farm from her ex-husband at a price she could afford. It was a terribly complicated affair as Mary will attest, and required the Maine Farmland Trust to actually purchase the Farm for exactly 24 hours before turning it back over to Mary and the kids.

Listen to hear how the community pulled together to make this all happen, and what the farm means to the Belgrade Lakes today. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe on the links above!


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