Episode #011 Erickson Fields Preserve

January 27, 2014
Brett Sykes
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Welcome to Episode 11 of the Forever Farms Podcast. This week we go back to the first week of the school year in Rockport. We were fortunate enough to meet with Heather Halsey, who at the time was managing the Teen Ag Crew at the Erickson Fields Preserve.  She has since gone on to lead the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Kennebec Valley Community College, so were extra lucky to catch up with her expertise in her last few days on the farm!

The Teen Ag Crew is made up of teenage volunteers from the Camden/Rockport school system and operates 2 acres of preserved farmland. The program is offered by Aldmere Farm, a farm protected by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. (MCHT) The program is nothing short of incredible.

This episode focuses on what the Teen Ag Crew has accomplished, and what they are striving for in the future. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe on the links above!



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