Episode #013 Valentine’s Day Special

February 14, 2014
Brett Sykes
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If you are a farmer, then you will appreciate how insane of an idea it is to get married in mid-summer. The peak of haying and cropping season. Long, hot days. Stressful nights spent wishing you were asleep.  But as you will here in Episode 13, this is exactly what two young farmers decided to do.

Welcome to the first Forever Farms Valentine’s Day Special. Hear how Steve Sinisi and his new wife Seren Huus overcame all the odds to have a perfect wedding in the busiest time for any farmer, mid-summer. It is a great story, it was a pleasure to record, and it is by far the most adorable thing you will hear until next Valentine’s Day. Move over cat .gifs, we are taking over the cute train. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe in the above links!


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