Episode #015 Oyster River Winegrowers

February 24, 2014
Brett Sykes
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In Episode we get to tag along on the best meals on wheels in the Midcoast: Oyster River Winegrowers Farm Express. The Farm express is a CSA delivery service from Oyster River Winegrowers in a horse drawn carriage. The idea is simple. In the winter months give CSA members a delicious meal for two with a bottle of wine, a hunk of cheese, bread, and fresh vegetables. All through the summer Brian Smith, owner and operator, has events and tastings. The Farm Express is a way for Brian to stay connected to his local community in the winter when things slow down in Maine. So, led by his trusty steed Don, he travels up and down the streets of Rockland in what is certainly a pretty sweet meals on wheels.

In this episode we jump in the Farm Express and find out why Brian does what he does. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe in the above links!


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