Episode #016 Spark Plug Farm

March 3, 2014
Brett Sykes
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Episode 16 is the first of a two part series focused on apprentices and their mentors. In part 1 we get to go out to the island of Vinalhaven to visit with Sarah Hodges and John Wright at Spark Plug Farm. These two young farmers, both under the age of 30, have started a thriving farm on leased land. In a mere two seasons they have grown from a 1 acre plot to a 5 acre diversified farm with a growing CSA membership. But where did these two greenhorns get their start? While both had backgrounds working on farms, it was through the MOFGA apprentice program that they resolved to start their own farm. They were fortunate to end up at Hatchet Cove Farm, a Forever Farm in Warren, with Bill Pluecker and Reba Richardson. This husband and wife farming duo hold weekly classes for their apprentices and gave Sarah and John the tools they needed to succeed in their own farming venture In this episode we head out the islands and hear all about the operation. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe in the above links!  

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