Episode #020 Rokes Farm

March 31, 2014
Brett Sykes
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It’s our 20th episode-versary! We celebrate it by visiting with two young farmers who have given an iconic piece of farmland a new lease on life in the jewel of the mid-coast: Camden. When most people think of the picturesque village of Camden they are more likely to think of gigantic summer homes and retirees wearing khakis and belts with little sail boats on them, then farms or farmers. A generation ago, this wasn’t the case however. Camden was a central hub for agriculture on the coast, before a surge of wealth came in through the 1980’s. At the heart of Camden’s agriculture was Horace Rokes’ Egg Farm, which was run from the 1940’s well into the first part of the 21st century.

Now the farm has a young farming family at it’s helm. Listen to hear the story of Marina Sideris and Cooper Funk, and how they came to the farm, and how they are now breathing fresh air into Camden’s farming culture. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe in the above links! 

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