“All flesh is grass. All grass is soil.” – Heather Retberg

Quill’s End Farm

Protected by Blue Hill Heritage Trust

About the Farm
Heather and Phil Retberg own the Quill’s End Farm, a 105 acre property in Penobscot that they bought in 2004. They use rotational grazing on their 15 open acres and are renovating 30 more acres from woods to pasture to increase grazing for their pigs, grass-fed cattle, lambs, laying hens, and goats. Quill’s End Farm is part of Blue Hill Heritage Trust’s Farmland Forever Program.

Biography of Farmers
Phil and Heather Retberg are active voices in the argument for food sovereignty and to seek municipal ordinances to protect traditional foodways. They are participants in Farm Drop, an online farmers market serving the Blue Hill Peninsula. Their under-girding philosophy is simple: “All flesh is grass. All grass is soil.”

Beef, Poultry, Duck, Lamb, Raw Milk, Goat Milk,  Pork, Eggs

+207 326 9082